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WBH Counseling & Therapy

Mental Health Therapy Supported By Science

WBH Counseling is a team of therapists, counselors, and coaches with a passion for supporting those struggling, losing hope, and searching for help.  Many clients seek treatment through WBH Counseling & Therapy after unsuccessful attempts at mental health treatment with other therapists, doctors, or coaches, and are desperate for lasting solutions.

So what makes our approach to therapy unique?

Mental health complexities such as anxiety, depression, trauma, ADD/ADHD can be well treated by therapy, but why doesn't therapy always work for those eagerly attending and actively participating in their therapy sessions?  

It's because of biology.  Check out the video below! 







Our therapists use the Wired BioHealth Panel to understand your baseline biology and build a treatment plan designed to work when others have failed.  By combining cognitive techniques, interpersonal psychotherapy, mindfulness, and other common therapy techniques with epigenetic & neuroscience data, they help their clients get the help they so desperately need.  

If medications have failed you...

If previous therapists have failed you...

If TMS has failed you...

If support groups have failed you...

If you're burnt out on self-care...

it's not because of you.  

When know how to help and it's what we've dedicated our careers to. Life may have let you down, but we're here to help pick you back up and return better than ever.

Meet Your Therapist.

Our team of therapists, counselors, and coaches have been selected based on their experience, advanced training, and unique skill sets to help a wide variety of clients.  Check out our diverse, compassionate, and competent team below!

Thinking About Therapy?

WBH Counseling & Therapy offers treatment plans and support programs based on your unique needs, biology, and schedule.

Your mental health should not be dictated by what financially benefits an insurance company and it should not be supported by bare minimum treatment plans designed by someone that doesn't know you.

With our practice, your mental health is supported by the precision-based plan created by your WBH Counseling & Therapy provider.  

Take insurance companies out of your mental health decision making and start making lasting and empowering changes to your mental health.  Fill out our contact form and a member of the WBH Counseling & Therapy team will give you a call within the next few minutes to get you scheduled!

Thanks for submitting!

Counseling For Your Mind & Body

WBH Counseling & Therapy recognizes that each and every person is unique.  Along with your unique biology, your experiences have shaped who you are and the challenges that you now face require access to multiple tools to help you reach your optimal self.  

Ready to be comfortable in your own skin?  Learn how to work through problems and conquer them?  Effectively communicate your needs and speak your truth?  Unlearn the unhelpful patterns and hardwiring that's been holding you back from living the life of your dreams?  

Finally make therapy work for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are sessions remote or in person?

A: Remote so you can make therapy work for you and your schedule!

Q: Do you take insurance or self-pay?

A: We do not want insurance companies to dictate your care plan, so our client-centric self-pay model allows our therapists to design your mental health support, not an insurance company.

Q: Who is the right therapist for me?

A: After a free discovery call, we pair you with a WBH Counseling & Therapy provider who has experience in supporting your needs. The right therapist is one who ensures you feel safe & comfortable, and our diverse team of professionals is here to meet you where you are in your mental health journey. 

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