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Wired BioHealth:

Test Your Genes.  Modify Their Expression.  Change Your Life.

For individuals seeking at-home lab testing, Wired BioHealthTM has a custom panel that takes a deep dive into the biomarkers and biological piece of behavioral wellness.  

Did Any of Those Questions Resonate with You?

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What Makes Our Approach Different?

Scroll down to see how Wired BioHealthTM supports behavioral wellness through biology and why our clients get results where other attempts have failed.


For individuals interested in an at-home lab test for behavioral wellness concerns, Wired BioHealthTM has you covered. We offer a confidential lab test that is not reported to your insurance company nor employer.  Get answers without compromising your coverage or job.


Through the Wired BioHealthTM remote sample collection and shipping process, clients are able to collect their sample from the privacy and comfort of their home/dorm/office.

No need to arrange transportation, lodging, or take time away from work/family/school. 

Click HERE to get a Wired BioHealthTM Lab Panel sent to your home.


Following the simple at-home sample collection instructions located in each kit, use the prepaid shipping label to send the Wired BioHealthTM test kits back to us.

From there, samples are analyzed, interpreted, and configured into your unique Biomarker Evaluation Report.  This report is reviewed & discussed virtually alongside your assigned Wired BioHealthTM wellness consultant.


Biochemical Pathway Support Plan Recommendations are sent to the client electronically and the client has the option to include 3 months of bi-weekly virtual appointments with a Wired BioHealthTM wellness consultant.  

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Test Your Genes.
Modify Their Expression.
Change Your Life.

In our custom Wired BioHealthTM panel, we identify, isolate, and measure 85 biomarkers highly correlated to a variety of behavioral wellness concerns ranging from lack of focus, low mood, difficulty sleeping, cravings, obsessions, and more.  

Rather than labeling and searching for a diagnosis, we test to find the epigenetic and neuroscience biomarkers that require support and design a precision-based plan outside of pharmaceuticals to help you meet your wellness goals.  

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