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Wired For Addiction® Announces Brand Expansion: Wired BioHealth™ now offered by Wired For Addiction®

Jupiter— August 22, 2023 — With the debut of the Wired BioHealth™ Podcast, Wired For Addiction® announces the expansion of their brand beyond addiction to include a broader spectrum of mental health complexities. The Wired BioHealth™ Panel is designed for individuals interested in an objective means of optimizing their mental health and is now available for dropship across the globe.

“Mental health is a spectrum and there are a series of measurable physiological changes that occur before reaching the end stage of addiction. The recognition of this spectrum and interest from the general public outside of those with substance use disorders is what inspired the expansion of Wired For Addiction® to Wired BioHealth™,” said Jacqueline Hall, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Countless clients have already benefited from utilizing Wired For Addiction’s custom panel and recommendation methodology, so the expansion into more generalized mental health is an exciting opportunity to engage a wider variety of end users. This is an expansion driven by consumer feedback and is part of Wired For Addiction’s commitment to deliver the most objective, comprehensive, and accessible approach to the biological piece of mental health optimization. The Wired BioHealth™ consultants are available to answer your questions and are available for virtual consultations at no charge. Visit or email to learn more.

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