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How Can Genetic Factors Impact OCD and Addiction?

"Did you know that our genes can tell a story about our predisposition to OCD and addiction? Well, our genetic makeup isn't our destiny, but rather a blueprint that can be influenced by our environment. It's fascinating to think that we have the power to turn certain genes on or off!

In today’s episode of The OCD Whisperer Podcast, we are excited to welcome Dr. Evelyn Higgins, a trailblazer in understanding the intricate dance between our genes and our environment, especially when it comes to OCD and addiction. During our conversation, we talk about the genetic and environmental aspects of OCD and addiction. We explore how personalized lab work can reveal unique physiological traits and genetic predispositions that contribute to these conditions.

Dr. Higgins emphasizes the importance of understanding one's genetic makeup to make informed choices and potentially alter the expression of genes through environmental changes. We also discuss the affordability and accessibility of personalized treatment, the potential for insurance coverage, and the services offered by Wired Bio Health.

Our Guest Dr. Evelyn Higgins is the founder and CEO of Wired Bio Health. Dr. Higgins is not only an expert in the epidemiology of addiction but also a certified addictionologist, a diplomat of the American College of Addiction Allergy and Compulsive Disorders, and a diplomat of the American Board of Disability Analysts specializing in pain management. With over 17 years dedicated to mental health and addiction research, she recently graced international stages as a TEDx speaker, solidifying her status as a top innovator in healthcare." -- Kristina Orlova, host of the OCD Whisperer Podcast

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