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Tried everything and still struggling?
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Behavioral Wellness and DNA

Whiles DNA plays a 10-33% role in our physical health, it can play up to a 50% role in our mental health! 

Wired BioHealthTM recognizes that each and every person's biological make-up in unique, which is why response to therapy, prescriptions, supplements, exercise, and diet varies.  


Understanding your DNA can help you make better informed decisions while saving time & money.

Test Your Genes.
Modify Their Expression.
Change Your Life.

To optimize mental wellness, Wired BioHealth does not take a "one-size fits all" approach because everyone's biological make-up different!  Giving everyone the same thing and expecting the same result is dated and ineffective.  That's why we take an objective and individualized approach. 


Through the Wired BioHealth at-home lab test, we measure the biomarkers influencing your mood, focus, sleep, cravings, and other factors related to mental wellness and modify the expression of your DNA. 


It's finally here: an at-home lab test (not an online-quiz or guess-and-check method to prescribing) to get to the root cause of the biomarkers influencing your mental wellness and a plan to support your unique biology. 


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